Я Не Верю в Чудеса / Супергерой

Cлова и музыка Аркадия Укупника

Черной молнией я стану для тебя,
Черной молнией на линии дождя.
И пускай горят листки календаря,
Зло не сможет больше обмануть меня.

Я не верю в чудеса,
Но летит машина в небеса,
И теперь я твой супер-герой.

Белым снегом упаду в ладонь твою,
И узнаешь ты, как я тебя люблю.
И под небом января оживут лишь для тебя
Все цветы Земли, все слова любви, что знаю я.

5 мыслей о “Я Не Верю в Чудеса / Супергерой”

  1. I understand Russian, fortunately, is quite similar to my native language; anywho, the song is beautiful, and somehow forces you to start to believe in miracles, though perhaps you didn’t, video is great, and the movie… Btw, just today I watched the clip from one of the concerts where he played “Pump it”>>as I recall it was saying<<, only thing I have to say in general is this: is there anything that man wouldn't play! But when I heard Kupalinka …. 🙂 My heart was beeting so hard! 😛 My mother loved that song and she always sang it to me when I was a little girl ^_^
    Ok, enough, since here is the "miracles" place only- good job, Alexander!
    He is young, beautiful, already has a glorious career, and since I'm not into looking for information that doesn't concern me, I'll just say that he made 3 out of 4 fields that makes life complete. Thumbs up! 😉

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