Опера-мьюзикл “Some Sunny Night” на DVD

With Alexander in the lead role as Kjetil Moe

The play and songs are in english, but there is some speak, in between, in norwegian.

This is a very touching story, about the norwegian Kjetil Moe, who was born with the illness, Cystic Fibrosis, but managed to live a rich life. He discovered, that running did him very good, and he encouraged and inspired many people, through his will to run and arrange races for disabled people, in both Norway, USA and China. The musical also tells the story about his meeting and friendship with  Mark Wang, a chinese man, who was crippled through a flight-accident in China. It is a story about friendship and love and the power of a positive mind. Alexander plays the part of Kjetil Moe.

Video with highlights from the musical.

How to buy the DVD:

1. Go to this website.http://www.somesunnynight.com/

2. Click on the word, ” shop ” on the top of the page.

3. Find the post about ” Some sunny Night, Live in Lillesand”

4. Click on ” Add to Chart”.

5. Fill out the purchase-form.

The DVD cost 34 Euro

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