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Шведское интервью с Александром Рыбаком 13.05.2009.


Alexander Rybak: “I am a product”

Alexander Borodin, Alexander Rybak and  Björn Nordlund

Original article: http://poplight.zitiz.se/artikel/intervju-med-alexander-rybak-med-hans-egna-ord-jag-aer-en-produkt

Journalist: Alexander Borodin. Photographer: Niclas Brorsson

Alexander Rybak, is the man on everyone’s lips right now. Winners Refer have pointed to his advantage ever since it became clear that he would be Norway’s representative in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.Golden Cross Bjorn Nordlund, Alexander Borodin and Irina Karelina met up with him when he was on a short promotional stop in Stockholm before leaving for Moscow. It was a different kind of conversation where Rybak said in his own words about what happened, what goes and what he thinks about Eurovision.

We met with Alexander Rybak at the record company Lionheart office in Stockholm and conducted an interview for a legal high time pressure, given that Rybak would then proceed with their promotion tour. He stressed schedule looked like this that he arrived in Stockholm the day before and was then on the radio at seven o’clock in the morning for the first interview which was followed rapidly by other media, non-stop until it was time to move on. Golden Shoes got together for a while with the Norwegian “child prodigy”.

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