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Статья об Александре Рыбаке в газете “Fjordenes Tidene” 25.11.2011



Met their idol: Some dreaded, other lookes forward to it, but Alexander Rybak’s relaxed style made that all the Culture School students left the Inspiratory Lesson with and increased self-confidence.

Text&photo by Svanhild Breidalen

Found by Olina Novikova and translated by Tessa Lande

The most important thing is that you sing what you want to sing, not what your teacher wants you to sing., This was the first hint Alexander Rybak gave to the Cultur School students in Selje at the Inspiratin lesson before the concert last weekend.

The about 15 young people from the Culture School in Selje, who were going to meet Alexander Rybak at the inspiration lesson were actually most excited, but became more and more nervous as time went on, and Alexander didn’t show up. But suddenly they heard a “Hey, I’m Alex,” and with a pleasant greeting round to each and one the ice was broken.

Despite a few glances at the clock now and then, the famous artist took himself plenty of time for both individual customized feedback to students, at the same time he was talking more in generally about his own experience of being on a stage.

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