Осло – Utøya. 22 июля 2011

“Til dere som ber i kveld,
be for fred, ikke hevn”

“Все, кто молится сегодня вечером.
Пожалуйста, молитесь за мир, а не месть”

“Bu gece dua edecekler:
lütfen intikam için değil, barış için dua edin”

“Για όσους προσεύχεστε απόψε·
προσευχηθείτε για ειρήνη, όχι για εκδίκηση.”

“Pre tých, ktorí sa dnes večer modlia.
Modlite sa za mier, nie za odplatu.”

“Für diejenigen von euch, die heute abend beten:
Bitte betet für Frieden, nicht für Rache…”

“Dla tych, którzy modlą się dziś wieczór..
Proszę, módlcie się o pokój, nie o zemstę.”

“Voor allen die bidden deze avond,
AUB bid voor vrede, niet voor wraak.”

למי מכם שמתפללים הלילה
בבקשה תתפללו לשלום ולא לנקמה

“Azoknak akik ma éjjel imádkoznak
Kérlek imádkozz a békéért és ne a bosszúért.”

“Till alla er som ber ikväll.
Var snälla och be för fred, inte för hämnd.”

“За тези от вас, които се молят тази вечер.
Моля, молете се за мир, не за мъст.”

“Para aquellos que rezan esta noche,
por favor, hacerlo por la paz, no por la venganza.”

“Svi vi koji se večeras molite…
Molite se za mir, a ne za osvetu.”

“Pro ty, kteří se dnes večer modlíte
modlete se za mír, ne za odplatu.”

“Svi vi koji se večeras molite
molite se za mir, a ne za osvetu.”

“Kaikille jotka rukoilevat tänään..
Rukoilkaa rauhaa, ei kostoa.”

“Pour ceux qui prient ce soir,
S’il vous plaît, priez pour la paix, et non pour la vengeance.”

“Til de af Jer, som beder i aften.
Bed for fred! Ikke hævn!”

“Pentru cei care se roagă diseară…
Vă rog, rugați-vă pentru pace , și nu răzbunare”

“Усі, хто молиться сьогодні вночі…
Будь ласка, молиться за мир, не за помсту”

“Per a aquells que resen aquesta nit,
si us plau, fer-ho per la pau, no per la venjança”

برای شمایی که امشب نماز میخوانید:
خواهشا برای صلح و آرامش دعا کنید… نه برای مجازات و محاکمه

“Para aqueles que rezam esta noite..
Por favor, façam-no por paz, não por vingança”

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  1. In hebrew:
    למי מכם שמתפללים הלילה
    בבקשה תתפללו לשלום ולא לנקמה

    Hebrew transliteration:
    Lemi micem shemipalelim halayla..
    Bevakasha titpaleluh leshalom velo lenekamah.

    Translated by my friend Maayan.

  2. Deeply affected, in Denmark, by the devastating tragedey in Norway 22.7.11, I appreciate this message from Alexander very much. I am not, “one of those”, who were praying last night, ´cause I am not religious and never was. I am not capable of praying and would feel very akward and wrong, if I tried.

    But by writing his message, as he does: ” To those of you, who are praying tonight”, I feel, he is including and talking to all of us If he had written: ” Please pray tonight”, I would have felt left out. I hope, you understand what I mean.

    Of course, my non-religious way of “praying” for peace, is just as good as the religious
    way. My thoughts and feelings and hopes, are just as valid ad prayers. I hope, my actions in life, will also be a contribution to peace. In the end, it is what we do, that matters. Thank you, Alexander, for the best posting, you ever made on your fanpage.

  3. I agree it’s his best post, and I think that by asking people to focus on peace instead of revenge he was sending a universal message, which is in fact religion-independent. Instead of “praying” he could have used “wishing” or “hoping”.

    The point is that only if we break the circle of hate, we can hope in some more peaceful future. And this is something all of us, believers and non-believers, could agree upon.

    «If a man says, I have love for God, and hates his own brother, he is a liar. Because how can the man who hates his brother, whom he has seen, be able to love God, whom he has never seen?» (1John 4:20)

  4. Thanks Yannis. I was not aware, that such wise words, as you quoted, can be found in the bible. That quote is relevant in our time just as it probably was, when it was written. The question could be asked to any kind of fundamentalists, who finds it justified to kill other people, for a cause, they think is holy.

    I think, it was Gandhi – correct me, if I am wrong – who said this:

    ” There are lots of causes, worth dying for, but there are NO causes, worth killing for”!

  5. “Pour ceux qui prient ce soir,
    S’il vous plaît, priez pour la paix, et non pour la vengeance.” Alexander Rybak

    … wise words. I don’t pray, but my thoughts are with those, who losted friends or relatives.

    Je ne prie pas, mais je pense à ceux qui ont perdus un être cher. Cette horreur nous rappelle à quel point nous sommes vulnérables, et à quel point, il faut profiter de la vie.

  6. Good said and probably wise words to keep people sane … just, my mother, who is the best and the most caring grandmother said today with tears in her eyes: “this guy should be cut into pieces very slowly for what he did to all these innocent children, it is unforgivable” … We can pray for peace, but then, there is someone here, who managed to kill so many children without any mercy …

  7. This is a deep question of philosophy, the God why allowed it. Unbelievable to me that this man was just alone, and he did it a terrible deed. Because if was a helper , he/she is still free…

  8. @ Danka: The truth is that the vast majority of the people would demand justice in your grandmother’s way if they were personally affected. And in the end we can never be fully sure about which side is right.

    @ Marion: Merci, mais j’ai fait une traduction française. Peux-tu dire si elle est mal faite?

  9. Right, we never should hate, also if it’s hard to understand for everyone.
    We can’t make it undone.
    The answer must be , take the hand from your neighbor, hold him tight
    and send him this message: You are not alone !

  10. I fully agree with alex,seeking vengeance isn’t what we should do right now.instead we should take care of each other and send our thoughts to those who have lost someone.

  11. Hej!
    If it still is necessary:

    Pentru cei care se roagă diseară…
    Vă rog, rugați-vă pentru pace , și nu răzbunare. (Romanian)


  12. I have been seeing everything on the news, and words cannot describe how sad I feel for the people of Norway…
    Norway has been in my prayers day and night.

    This keeps coming to mind, I hope it can bring some peace into all this tragedy….

    Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”
    Matthew 11:28-30

  13. In Catalan language:

    “Per a aquells que resen aquesta nit,
    si us plau, fer-ho per la pau, no per la venjança”

    By Valeria ;
    From Barcelona, Spain.

    Sorry… :'( ♥

  14. What Alexander said is true, we need to pray for peace, not revenge but what happened is so tragic and sad. Innocent deaths lives with a long life to live, that people feel hatred and desire for revenge…

    “Oslo – Utøya. 22 July 2011, in our hearts” 🙁
    From Spain,

  15. Es verdad, Sandra. Sé lo que quieres transmitir con tu mensaje porque por desgracia nosotros sabemos de sobra como es ese sentimiento de venganza y odio que se siente ante una desgracia de estas dimensiones. Por desgracia nosotros lo hemos vivido muchas veces en nuestro país, pero cuando ocurre todos odiamos y queremos venganza, pero sabemos que son unos sentimientos lógicos por el dolor causado. Así se sienten ahora mismo todos los noruegos: impotentes e indefensos.

    True, Valeria. I know what you convey your message because unfortunately we know too well as the feeling of revenge and hatred you feel about a disaster of this size. Unfortunately we have experienced many times in our country, but when it happens we all hate and want revenge, but we know that feelings are logical for the pain. They feel now all Norwegians: powerless and helpless.

    A hug to all of Norway from Spain.

  16. برای شمایی که امشب نماز میخوانید: خواهشا برای صلح و آرامش دعا کنید… نه برای مجازات و محاکمه
    (that sentence was in persian language= farsi)

    we are from persia(IRAN) and all of us promise u that say prayers 4 ur religion’s peace….

  17. Support from Greece. I thought that so insane people existed only in my country but they proved to be harmless compared with that undescribable psycho with so extreme beliefs. Norway was the last place I ever expected a tragedy like this to take place. Every day I hear that people at my age die…I’ve lost my beloved relatives without an explanation…But they had a chance to achieve what they wanted to during their lives…About the people in my age, it was some kind of their fault most of the times here in Greece (most of them were on car and motorcycle accidents). However, in Norway, those kids were on a summer camp to develop their beliefs and were suddenly shot without an explanation either. It definitely wasn’t their fault. They were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Now I understand why in my country we say you never know what is going to happen to you. Ποτέ δεν ξέρεις τι θα σε βρει. And live every single moment as if it was your last one. Ζήσε την κάθε σου στιγμή σαν να ήταν η τελευταία σου. So guys, all of us should be grateful for every breath we take.

    I wish you hope, strength and patience. And I know it’s not easy…

  18. In Portuguese:

    “Para aqueles que rezam esta noite..
    Por favor, façam-no por paz, não por vingança

    Here in Portugal we are all with Norway…

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