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Песня “Songs from secret garden” давно затихла, но в комнате стоит мертвая тишина. Затаенные мысли каждого из присутствующих все еще полны отзвуками страсти, навеянными скрипкой 24-летнего Александра Рыбака. Поэтому никто не хочет нарушать атмосферу бесконечными аплодисментами.

Полностью зачарованы скрипкой.

Музыкальная карьера Александра Рыбака началась в возрасте 5 лет. Его семья переехала в Осло (Норвегия), когда ему было 3 года. Родители Александра, Наташа и Игорь, профессиональные музыканты.  Поэтому это было очень естественно, что родители стали учить сына игре на скрипке и фортепиано. Спустя некоторое время молодому музыканту пришлось сделать выбор в пользу одного из инструментов, и Рыбак выбрал скрипку.  Молодой человек до сих пор играет на фортепиано в качестве хобби. С пяти лет Рыбак играл на скрипке и выступал на сцене, и его талант имеет широкое признание. Александр был без лишних сомнений принят в Академию Barrat Due. В возрасте 10 лет он встретил много талантливых музыкантов и неожиданно он понял, что он не единственный уникальный ребенок, который может восхитительно играть на музыкальном инструменте.

From the beginning, Rybak has pursued academic musical path, but he never stop thinking of something that is more casual. The young musician learned how to play jazz and pop. He also loves to listen to The Beatles or Rolling Stone. He learned to compose songs since he was little because Alexandre was taught from his dad that someday he would earn money from those works. Besides playing violin in the orchestra, Alexandre also actively participated in some talent competions of Norwegian music. He was a part of Norway Pop Idol, or Kjempesjansen. From those programs, Alexander had found his place in the hearts of Norwegians.

And the talent of Alexander Rybak officially went beyond the border of Norway and became worldwide fame after the 54th Eurovision Song Conests which was helf in Moscow, Russia in 2009. He won with 387 points which is the highest total point in this competition history since 2006 with the song Fairytale. Rybak composed this song while walking in the mountains next to the west coast of Norway. Tonal melody of the song has a melody of Eastern European folk music and bases on a Norwegian fairy tale with modern rhythms. Everybody is immersed in a happy melody but full of romantic by a 24 years old singer when he lifts up his voice.


Years ago when I was younger
I kinda liked a girl I knew
She was mine and we were sweethearts
That was then, but then it’s true


A gentle melody with a simple but yet meaningful Fairytale has continued to dominate the first position in many music charts in Europe for several weeks. It became popular songs to listen to in Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, etc. Moreover, the performance of Rybak at the Eurovision Song Contest has drawn over 10 million viewed on Youtube just in few weeks.

Three months later, this young talent has released their first album called fairytales. The album was sold in 25 countries in Europe and quickly sold more than half million copies. At his home land, fairytales maintained the top position in the rankings and won platinum in two months.

For this summer, Alexander has performed in over 40 music performances before nearly 200,000 audiences. He also appeared in major television programs in Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, which is his hometown and many other countries time after time. Every program was fully booked and after the performance ended, the audiences still not satisfied, and still want to be back here the next day to hear his voice deep and enchanting violin full of the young talented musician.

A special guy

Alexander Rybak is not only special in music, but also very special in his normal life. Unlike other people as the same age, who often choose a free life, never follow the plans, rules, Rybak is quite stylish and always want to arrange an orderly life under the one regulation.

“This is extremely important. I really like when everything in my life has an organized plan. Life in Norway has taught me that, everything should be clear from the beginning, “Rybak said. When asked if he feels sad when living under those plans, regulations, Alexander said because the plan is the music project, and the life always is associated with the music he had never seen bored. “Every day you wake up, knowing that today I will be immersed in music, be able to composed, my life becomes more meaningful, and excited. You’ll never be sad, depressed when living with music. “

Although moving to Norway to live as a child, a 24 year old musician never forgets his root. Alexander declared that he still influenced from the culture of the homeland of Belarus very much. This culture has helped Rybak form the musical talents like nowadays.” Xasa was born in Belarus, which is his root, it is never forgotten. The musical talent of it also belongs to Belarus,” said Alexander’s mother. Moreover, with a strong musical background, Alexander Rybak will also progress further and successful steps forward on his career.

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  1. Very nice article!!!!! However some english parts can’t be easily understood. It doesn’t really matter since it says so many other wonderful things about Alexander!!!<3!!!!!!! Thank you for publishing it.!!!!!!

  2. the world needs Alexander….take flight…leave Europe Skies behind and explore and enjoy THE WORLD while you are still young.

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