Сольные концерты 2010

Огромное спасибо за предоставленные фото с концертов в Соруме и Праге нашим дорогим Фейсбукиз  Jitka, Elin, Alev, Patrycja и Снежанне!

И спасибо Асе за создание Таллинской галереи!

7 мыслей о “Сольные концерты 2010”

  1. Nice pictures, but there is something about the album from Sørumsand… At least 5 of the pictures are taken by me, and I dont think its right to give impression that its taken by someone else. Feel free to use them, just write the correct name 😉

  2. OMG! the concert in Prague was the best concert I’ve even been to! and it was nice to meet some of You, facebookies! You’re doing great job ! and this page is lovely xD

  3. Awesome photos!
    I was wondering, can someone send me some of these
    photos without the text on them?
    Cause i’d like to put them in frame 😀

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