4 мысли о “Мечта скрипача от Mirridin”

  1. No. Unfortunately this is not one of Alexander’s new songs. However it has some kind of relation to Alex. The music is called “Pastorale” from “Secret Garden”‘s album – “Songs from a secret garden”. In truth, Alex beautifully plays another song from the very same album of this ESC winner Norwegian duo. It is called “Song from a Secret Garden” and you surely heard it on Alexander’s previous album – “Fairytales”.

  2. Yes, I love “Song from a Secret Garden” and “Vocalise” from his first album. I’m in the US and have pre-ordered “No Boundaries” – not sure when it will arrive but can’t wait to hear it. I wish Alex would make an album of various violin pieces – I’ve watched the YouTube recording of Vivaldi’s “Summer” (Barrat Due) and also his Bach piece with Arve Tellefsen. Alex is incredibly talented with both pop and classical music. Thanks again for your wonderful video!

  3. Mirridin, I llove this video, and I think I may love your Fiddler’s World even more. Please do not stop making the videos, if you can still make them. I know it sounds selfish that I want more, but I feel a talent like yours can help change the world – this is the same feeling I have about Alexander himself.

    I see you used some of the footage of Alexander’s interview on “Redaksjon EN” – it is funny that it was that same interview that made me realize Alexander Rybak was someone special, beyond being simply a pop star or a teen idol. I frankly have little patience with most popular music stars who are simply after commercial success. I was astonished by his statement when the interviewer asked “How is it to win Eurovision and now everyone wants a piece of you?” – he said “Yes, it shall be done, it is a big honor to be a messenger for happiness.” That example, and many more I have seen since then, have led me to hope against hope that he is a genuine force for change, for betterment of the world.

    I know how fragile and fleeting such talent can be, and that is all the more reason to request “more” when that talent reveals itself. I know when you make it look as easy as you do, it is in fact very difficult indeed – especially when you have a streak of perfectionism. I also know it seems you are underappreciated, but people are always slow to see a new way. Please continue to do what you can!

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