Отчет фейсбукиз: Визит Александра Рыбака в Украину, 9 – 11 сентября 2010

Пресс-конференция, Киев. Саша и Виталий Козловский (фото Ю. Безбах)


Юлия Безбах, Украина.

Сейчас, когда мои приключения в Киеве завершились, я могу наконец-то написать отчет для вас, в то время как мои видео загружаются на Youtube;) Как чудесно мы провели время тут!:)) Саша был в моем городе целых 3 дня!:) Итак, первое событие – это была большая пресс-конференция, посвященная грядущему концерту, который состоится в Киеве 19 октября. Я записывала все, включая некоторые интервью, которые он давал отдельным каналам ТВ, так что вы увидите их (4 части уже на канале  TheFacebookiesTwo, но нам еще необходимо будет сделать английские субтитры к ним). Он был очень “смарфи”;) пытался круто говорить по-русски, но несколько раз его постигла неудача в этом;))) это было так весело! Мне приходилось исправлять его несколько раз и, кажется, он был благодарен мне (я надеюсь, он не сердится на меня). Он сказал, что он привезет с собой в Киев 3-х скрипачек на концерт, так что теперь мы ждем с еще большим нетерпением! Also they talked about social mission of the concert. Alex was very thankful for his manager Yana for this brilliant idea of making mixed concert with him and Vitaliy Kozlovskiy, who is one of the most popular artists in my country, and talented Ukrainian children will be involved too:)

After the official part of the conference was finished,  the orginizers brought the huge cake with chocolate violin on the top!:)) Alex and others were impressed:) He and Vitaliy cut it into pieces (filmed) and Alex asked to leave violin for him (filmed). Then some TV-channels took exclusive interview (filmed). Journalists asked him the same questions and he became irritated. He told nothing really new for us, so I won’t retold – everything you’ll see on the vids. Then after all interview they should hurry to another place. So we have no chance to talk. But he recognized us (me and Lena) in the first minutes he came and said that he glad to see us:)

Some russian-speaking Facebookies in Kiev:-))

We managed to take some pics for our girls, who has no pics with him before. He was sweetest and nicest guy! Yana told him to hurry up, but he posed and posed for everybody (we took only some pics and then just looked). So they jumped in the car and gone…. We were happy and joyful – we saw the Smurf! We heard and filmed everything! We were among the press and we have exclusive pics! What more one should dream?? Of course we would like to talk to him, but we saw it was impossible. So we walked by the streets, as we should show Kiev for our Moscow friend Lena Snetkova, who came to the press conference. We amused ourselves, joked a lot and so on. Our feets brought us to the river bank and we just realized that we are in front of the hotel we knew Alex prefer to stay in Kiev! And on the roof, at the luxury restaurant we saw the splashes of the photocams! Something interesting were happening there! So we decided to go in and try to watch We approached the hotel entrance and saw some guy with huge camera, he filmed something. Lena (as she is the bravest one among us) came there and asked what is going on. He said that it is party of one Ukrainian fashion designer. And no Kozlovskiy, neither Rybak were seen there…

Alex and Vitaliy Kozlovskiy. Press-conference

So we stood for some minutes and walk into MacDonalds to have some tea, as it was pretty cold there. We seated on the opposite side of the street and saw the lights on the top of the hotel….How furious I was in the morning then I saw pics in the press from this party!!!! He was there and we lost the chance to see him once more! We were so close….Ahhhh what a pity!

The whole Friday I was occupied with my work, so I even didn’t heard the radio show with Smurf…snif…But we have arranged attending the charity event in some of the Music school for orphans, where Alex had to take part. So, this morning I was nerves. The school is situated in such a part of my city I never been….It was really hard to even imagine how to find that place! I have observed the map (it never helps me, but what else should I do??) and understood that we should use only one means – our language;)

We should walk and ask people where to find this music school in the area;) So we met each other at the underground station and started to search for the place. It was horrible! No transport, nobody knows where to go – I was in despair. And suddenly when I was trying to catch the car on the road, one car just made a very risky turning around just near me! And that was the car we saw Alex sit, after the press conference! And we saw Yana and Smurf there! The car turned and hurried in the direction we took. So that freaking place was around!

Concert by children at Kiev music school for orphans

We hurried for the car and after some minutes we saw the school! Finally! By the car couldn’t go there (no car’s road), and they had to turn and search for the way. So we had some minutes to run and we were behind the door of the school just in some sec before them;)) We just took our cameras and prepared to film everything!:)))))  I had no idea about the concert, but when Alex, Yana and Kozlovskiy came, they just sat and listened to children. We began to worry – would Alex play?? It appears he didn’t planned that! He even didn’t took his violin into the hall! He left it somewhere…But the host asked him if he would like to say and show something to children, which performances he saw with such excitement.

Alex improvising at Kiev music school for orphans

So he decided to sing something acapella:) But then he saw the piano and came there:) He played and sang Kupalinka!:))  Then Vitaliy proposed to make a duet with one famous Ukrainian song. So Vitaliy sang and Alex played it on the piano. It was just amazing! How Alex heard it and just play without any rehearsal! He is unique musician! He heard this song for the first time and just played that. Everybody was soooo impressed!.

Then Alex said that he liked the children’s performances very much and he is thinking about arranging some concert together next year;) Especially he was impressed by one girl who played on some drummer (I don’t know the excact name of the instrument, but I filmed the performance of her, she is just amazing! and Alex was bonked hard;)))) SO this girl appeared on stage and they played together Fairytale (Alex finally got his violin). Then some guy from school join with the piano, and then one guy join with the violin! It was sooooo cool! I filmed that! The whole improvisation of all them! And Alex sang without microphone;) That was really exclusive! I loooove that! You’ll see the vid soon;)))

Russian-speaking Facebookies, Kiev:-))

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  1. Thank you so much for your great report, Julia!! It is written like a thriller.. The Fiddler On the Run…:)) Next time he visits your city…there should be a nice meeting again!! …:)

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