Пасодобль Александра и закулисное интервью – 28.1.11

Взято на канале TV4 – “Let’s Dance” в Швеции.

Оба интервью найдены и переведены на английский Tessa La (спасибо!), запись видео и греческий перевод от Yannis P. Турецкий перевод Alev Ct. Русский перевод Sonya Luzina. Перевод на чешский язык (второй только видео) Jitka Holanova.

2 мысли о “Пасодобль Александра и закулисное интервью – 28.1.11”

  1. Thank you for the videos and translations. I saw the first dance directly from TV4, all the other dances were blocked here in America. Is there a results show too? I tried to get it from TV4, but it too was blocked so I’m not sure how Alex has done in the audience votes.

    I was surprised that Alex thinks his muscles are small and he has very little chest hair. I remember seeing him interviewed on one program and he said he was in great pain since he just had his chest hair removed by a laser treatment. Many male dancers and performers do the same thing here. I’m sure he has more muscles for his weight than any of the dancers at “Let’s Dance.

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