Александр Рыбак получает норвежскую премию “SPELLEMANNPRISEN 2009” (Артист года). 06.03.2010

Rybak’s Facebookies очень гордятся своим скрипачем и поздравляют его от всего Facebook-сердца! Мы очень рады, что некоторые из нас смогли быть там сегодня, вели репортаж из Осло прямо на Facebook  и были свидетелями этого Fantastisk момента!

! Поздравляем, Александр!

Увидимся завтра в Москве на русском финале отбора на Евровидение!


Видео от Венче М.


Речь победителя

Видео от Петронелла АР

15 мыслей о “Александр Рыбак получает норвежскую премию “SPELLEMANNPRISEN 2009” (Артист года). 06.03.2010”

  1. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH…( blowing up balloons and pouring champain )

    Is smorfsk the offical language on the fansite now????

    Jeg love itskisk!!

  2. *jumping up and down* Hurray!! He won! He won! Thank you, girls..and.. Thanks to the Smurfette for bringing the news before it happened …:-)

    *raising her glass* Cheers..To you, Alex.. and to you….dear Facebookies..Love! Please come to Canada.

  3. Alex won the price of all prices, best Spellemann of the year 2009. Not the best video or the best song or the best male or whatever. But the best allover artist throughout the year 2009. How great is that? That is HUGE, unbelievable. But still, so well deserved. Congratulations Alex, you ARE the best.

  4. Alex! Ещё раз от всей души поздравляю Вас!!! Все Ваши поклонники всегда всем сердцем с Вами .(Каждый носит свой мир в своём сердце)

  5. Many congratulations Alex.

    I may be a little ‘out of order’ in saying this, but in my opinion, this is special, as now he is no longer the ‘jokey singer of Smurf songs’ that the tabloids have made him out to be, but a truly creditable singer/songwriter that the Facebookies knew he was, all along. I think Alex proved that when he commented on the 15-yr old boy, that risked being bullied because he bought and liked his cd’s.

  6. I WAS THERE!!! and i met him!! we got his autograph and 2 pictures!! he is so cute!! i also got Ulf-Arnes autograph 😀 and i saw the facebookies!! i love their t-shirts!! it was absolutely the night of my life!! i <3 alex!!!

  7. Last night was so magnificent! Really, i couldn’t watched the show live. But I waited to videos in youtube. In today morning, icould wacthed and really it was so awesome. Alex, you are so best! Completely I am under you spell! WWoww! (:

    Kisses from Turkey!

    Serena (;

  8. Yay for Sir Rybak!
    Prayers have been answered, I’m so happy. :3
    My sister shall be so excited when I tell her!

    Alexander Rybak, you really did well.
    Deus te custodiat.

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