Александр Рыбак в украинском шоу “Битва экстрасенсов”, 17 октября 2010

(запись Сони Лузиной, перевод и субтитры Олины Новиковой)

Часть 1

Часть 2

2 мысли о “Александр Рыбак в украинском шоу “Битва экстрасенсов”, 17 октября 2010”

  1. Wauw Alex made sow much things in hiz life And I, have a, lots and lots RESPECT forr Alex in hiz chilhood and hiz girlfrend that left him i, Hope 1day for him he wil get a, very nice girlfrend and mayby kidss too 🙂 Dady Alexx hihihi

  2. Thank you very, very much, Olina and Sonya. Funny and interesting program and a joy to watch, Alexanders many expressions through this. I liked the last psychic very much and she was truely, on to something. Her gender-transfer reminds me of an article I read once about shamans in ancient times. They were often born as both genders or they were gender-crossing or something like that. As if, this situation in life, increased their psychic powers.

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