Александр Рыбак в норвежской радиопередаче “Portrettet”, 26.06.2011.

Английский перевод от Hilde M.,  Hildebjørg Ha,  Tessa La и Sara Anja.  Русский перевод от Sonya Luzina, Sophia Khodorovskaya и Zhanna Sergueeva. Запись и субтитры от Sonya Luzina.

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  1. I think he is right that Oprah wouldn’t care it he showed up or not but the people in her studio and TV audience certainly would have liked to see him share his talents with them. I think his chance of being successful would have been much much greater than 1% especially if he did appear on Oprah. Too bad he couldn’t have booked with her at a different date, but now her show is off the air.

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