Коллекция видео с концерта в Праге, Люцена Мьюзик Бар, 25 февраля 2010

target=”_blank”>Facebookies in line, singing Europe Skies


target=”_blank”>Roll with the wind



target=”_blank”>Song from the secret garden

target=”_blank”>Talks before Kupalinka


target=”_blank”>Talks before 13 Horses

target=”_blank”>13 horses

target=”_blank”>Norske Talenter (Frikar)

target=”_blank”>Funny Little World

target=”_blank”>Hungarian Suite



target=”_blank”>Kiss and tell & Komarovo

target=”_blank”>Can’t take my eyes off of you

target=”_blank”>Roll with the wind (завершение концерта)

8 мыслей о “Коллекция видео с концерта в Праге, Люцена Мьюзик Бар, 25 февраля 2010”

  1. I have looked through the videos from Prague-concert on YouTube and picked those, I found of good quality and interest. I have not posted the first 7 parts of the full concert-video, made by Alena Radová, because I know, she is about to upload the last 4 of 11 parts all in all.

  2. Marianne, we need to give you some tutoring on how to post link so that they open in a new window. Right now they open in the same which is not the optimal solution. You want me to give you tutoring or the charming Yanis? 🙂

  3. Hi Irena. Yes I know, there are som lacks in my posting-knowledge…I would prefer both of you, you know, but if I can get the charming helicopter-pilot as tutor…I can´t resist that….sorry Irena..

    BTW…Funny interview with Anders and Ulf-Arne..who IS that guy, who interrupts all the time?

    1. I perfectly understand that you are going for the helicopter-flying, uniform wearing gentleman Yanis, Marianne! Nevertheless, you will have to put up with me too, when it comes to text formatting ect. Sorry! Maybe Yanis will let you cry yourself out on his strong masculine shoulder, after Mother Superior has tortured you with her perfectionism. 🙂

  4. Спасибки всем за видео!!!!! Всё так классно )))) Особенно, мне понравилось видео, гда Саша раздаёт автографы и как он готовится к выступлению.Можно сказать, что таким я его вижу впервые. Он так прикольно позировал))) ещё раз огоромное спасибо за прекрасную работу: смотрю и наслаждаюсь !!! ))))

  5. Irena, I will surrender to your harsh, but well-intended perfectionism…right now, I don´t understand, why Alenas links doesn´t work, but I approve, that you have taken them off again and I apologize for the trouble…I think, I will stay calm and not post anything difficult until I have been tutored…Not today, though…bloody tired..
    Kissisk and huggisk!!

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